Turning data into actionable insight.

I find it exciting to take a deep dive into data. Even more exciting is to see the impact of the insights on a business or project.

Data Analytics and some Data Science, too

Is your organization complex? Is all your information on customers, products, or internal processes, crowding out the big picture? My special expertise in data analytics, visualization, and machine learning will help you define the right questions, find meaning from complicated data, and make it accessible to you and your audience.

The blog gives you a taste of the kinds of projects I enjoy. It’s a diverse set of projects, from NLP for marketing emails to sales models, and SEO. That’s where curiosity and business needs drove me. So, what can I analyze for you? Drop me a line.

Computing Skills for Biologists—A Toolbox

In my previous life as an experimental biologist, I produced so much data that I had to pick up programming skills to analyze and visualize data in order to gain scientific insight.

In the process of learning how to code, I found little material specifically for biologists. A biologist requires a broad toolkit but not necessarily each detail found in a 1,000-page textbook on Python or Shell programming. Prof. Stefano Allesina and I set out to fill that gap and wrote the book Computing Skills for Biologists – A Toolbox, published by Princeton University Press in 2019.

The book provides students and scientists with a structured guide to acquire computational tools such as UNIX, git, Python, regular expressions, unit testing, R, LaTeX, and SQL that are specific to their daily tasks as biologists. This comprehensive toolbox enables researchers to manage their large datasets, automate accurate and reproducible analysis, and generate appealing scientific presentations and publications.