Web development

You want to convey your message, sell your product, publicize your brand, or engage with your unique audience in powerful, new ways? No matter if you seek a creative-artsy or sleek-modern look, a simple page or complex functionalities, my aesthetically clean and user-friendly website development will represent you clearly across any platform. Get in touch to find out how I can help achieve your goals!

Data science

Is your organization complex? Is all your information—on customers, products, or internal processes—crowding out the big picture? My special expertise in data analysis and visualization, honed over eight years of scientific research, will help you find meaning from complicated data and make it accessible to you and your audience. Contact me to discuss how I can find answers to your data science questions!

Technical writing

Do you need to ensure that your complicated message is understood? My experience writing and editing scientific manuscripts, as well as a textbook on computing skills, will allow me to research complex or technical content and present it clearly to your target audience. Let me know what you need your audience to understand!


Computational Skills for Biologists – A toolbox

In my previous life as experimental biologist, I produced so much data that I had to pick up programming skills to analyze and visualize data in order to gain scientific insight.

In the process of learning how to code, I found little material specifically for biologists, who require a broad toolkit but not necessarily each detail found in general textbooks. Prof. Stefano Allesina and I set out to fill that gap and wrote the book “Computing skills for biologists – A toolbox” that is scheduled to be published at the end of 2017 by Princeton University Press.

The book provides students and scientists with a structured guide to acquire computational tools such as UNIX, git, Python, regular expressions, R, LaTeX and SQL that are specific to their daily tasks as biologists. This comprehensive toolbox enables researchers to manage their large datasets, automate accurate and reproducible analysis, and generate appealing scientific presentations and publications.

We are currently finalizing the draft but there is still time to integrate constructive feedback. Please contact me if you would like to review some or all chapters prior to publication. This is a unique opportunity to help us publish the best possible version of the book and build or strengthen your own computational toolbox.